October 21, 2006 The Guy Not Taken by Jennifer Weiner
304 pages. Finished 10/17/06.

I spent my lunch time reading this week and I managed to finish this collection of short stories by Jennifer Weiner. Her earlier work, Good in Bed and In Her Shoes, are among my all-time favorites and I've purchased everything else she's written (even if I haven't taken the time to read them yet).

The first few stories seem to go together or at least feature the same family of characters. The rest seem pretty random. There's a theme of swimming in a pool running throughout all the stories, which seemed a little weird, but perhaps I wasn't supposed to read the stories back to back like that.

It was an enjoyable read, but nothing that made me excited. I really couldn't tell you what any of the stories were about - they just didn't make that kind of impression. But it was a nice way to spend my lunch hour nonetheless.

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October 15, 2006 Must Love Dogs by Claire Cook
304 pages. Finished 10/14/06.

I started my post-BC reading with some of Jennifer Weiner's short stories from The Guy Not Taken (which seems to be quite popular among my fellow commuters), but I put it aside when I got Must Love Dogs in the mail as part of a Bookcrossing bookray.

It was a fairly quick read, but I wasn't really captivated. I was expecting more to happen or some big moment of meaning for the main character and I didn't really get it. There were a lot of characters to keep straight and a lot of things going on in the background that didn't really seem to advance the plot. I couldn't really identify with the main character, but that's to be expected considering the differences in ages and life experiences.

It was a pleasant enough read, but I'm not sure I would recommend it to a friend, even for beach reading. I was all too happy to send it on to the next reader in the ray.


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