January 31, 2006 stalled out
I got a bit stalled by John Adams. I've heard such good things about David McCullough and I really want to like this book (especially after seeing him on The Daily Show doing promotion for 1776, which also sounds interesting to me), but I just can't seem to read it with the same pace that I usually do. The language is dense, that's true, but I just can't get into it. I am going to keep trying as I won't have a book by an American author beat me, but it's going to take a bit longer than I had previously thought. (It will remain on the list with an asterisk until I finish.)

I received Girls' Poker Night in the mail as part of a BookCrossing bookray, so I need to get started on that, sooner rather than later. And it seems that my profs have taken the "seminar" title of some of my courses to heart, assigning "inhumane" (sorry, that's an inside joke) amounts of reading. My book list will be growing faster than I'd like due only to that in a short while.

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January 11, 2006 little things revealed
I am currently reading John Adams by David McCullough and though I'm only 25 pages in, it's proving to be the interesting read I had hoped it would be. It's amazing to me how much information can be gathered by historians from such innocuous sources.

The strong clarity of her handwriting, the unhesitating flow of her pen across the paper, line after line, seemed at odds with her circumstances. Rarely was a word crossed out or changed. It was as if she knew exactly what was in her heart and how she wished to express it--as if the very act of writing, of forming letters, in her distinctive angular fashion, keeping every line straight, would somehow help maintain her balance, validate her own being in such times.
As a quasi-historian myself, it makes me curious what might be said about my handwriting, my letters. What am I unconsciously putting out there in the world for history to find?


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