January 13, 2007 Borders = Dangerous Country
Book stores are my kryptonite. Seldom can I enter one without spending at least $20 extra that I don't have. Last night's venture to Borders in the Central Valley was no exception.

I went to Borders to use up the miniscule remainder of my 2006 Holiday Rewards that I racked up while using the bulk of it on December 31st. The $1.01 I earned while spending the $22.76 on calendars and day planners would expire on January 31st. I had gotten an email that the fourth and last "Sisterhood of Traveling Pants" book, Forever in Blue had been released, so I figured it was time to spend it. I don't care if these books are aimed at consumers at least ten years younger than myself, I really enjoy them.

Of course, I couldn't just walk out the door with the discounted, hardback copy of FiB. No, no, not me. I also ended up with two books (seen below) from the bargain shelves. Those books seduce me with their severely-reduced, hardcover price tags and prey upon my lack of math skills since, even at $3.99-$5.99 a piece, it all adds up eventually. Thanks to the discount on the Ann Brashares and the $1.01 Borders Rewards savings, I managed to walk out of there for right around $20.

Unfortunately, now I have added to my already bulging bookshelves with more books to read, but my resolve is strong. I am hoping to stick with my goal this year. And if I don't like a book or it doesn't just grab me, I will donate it to the library or Bookcross it or otherwise get rid of it - if only to make room for the newly acquired evidence of my book-buying obsession!

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