June 17, 2007 reading what *I* want
So, back in September, I won the Chick Lit sweeps at Bookcrossing. I was excited to win because I love chick lit. However, I've since realized that other people's version of chick lit and mine are not the same. As I've been preparing to move, I've been trying to move on all the books with a Bookcrossing "past." I figured I should read them first since people were nice enough to send them to me.

But now, looking at the calendar, I realize that I'm not going to get through all the books that were sent to me before I move. And, in trying to list them in the forums, I've found that no one else is really interested in reading these books either. So, I've decided to start wild-releasing these novels and moving on to the books I want to read.

First up - one of my Maeve Binchy collection that has been collecting dust on my shelf for a couple of years :)

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