January 08, 2008 Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham
I spent another evening with the TV off tonight and managed to polish off another book. I had started this one last night, but I finished the last 200 pages this afternoon after an eventful trip to the library.

Though the cover boasts this book is by the same author as the Shopaholic series, it's a completely different feel. These women feel very real, like you might actually work with them or run into them in a pub. I liked how relateable these women were, that none of them became a caricature of themselves. I wasn't screaming at any of them and I really genuinely wanted them to work out their problems.

I loved the bond they had and continued to keep, even as life circumstances changed. They are the kind of friendships that I hope I have cultivated with my closest friends (even if our Chinese food and cocktail nights are a little sparser than once a month). This book really left me with a warm feeling in my heart.

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