February 03, 2008 I Did (But I Wouldn't Now) by Cara Lockwood
I originally picked up this book during a book buying binge last month, but I realized that I couldn't read this one without reading the original in case things were different from the movie I saw I on tv. As it happens, it's really completely separate, so I needn't have worried, but there you go.

Following Lauren's younger sister, Lily, around London and dealing with her break up with a rock star was a little bit crazy and not as much fun as I would have liked. I guess I'm more like Lauren than Lily, so it was hard to really stay on her side and cheer for her when she was doing some really stupid stuff. I also thought that the person she ends up with was just a little too cliche for me. And Lauren was a just a little too irrational and silly for it to be really believable. The tertiary characters were kinda fun though and I did like that the author used mostly real celeb names instead of made up ones. All in all, I was kinda disappointed, but it was a quick read, so no real complaints.

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