September 24, 2008 Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger
I definitely liked this book better than Everyone Worth Knowing, but as usual, it just can't compare to her first book. I didn't expect it to, however, so I wasn't disappointed.

It was a little hard for me to keep the characters straight until about halfway through the book. I mean, their personalities are all so different, but I just couldn't keep the personalities straight with their names. So when she switches points of view, it would always take me a few pages to figure out which girl this was.

I didn't really get into this book until tonight when I read from about page 70 to the end, first in the bath and then in bed with the television on. Some of the plots veered into "improbability" territory that it is so rampant in this genre (girl gets huge promotion or happens to run into famous person who then connects with awesome job, etc), but the rest of it was fairly grounded, so I forgave it. The ending was not expected at all, so I was pretty excited about that too. Ms. Weisberger will remain on my list of "favorite authors."

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