October 11, 2008 Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner
I bought this book back in April in time to drive to Philadelphia for Ms. Weiner's reading and book signing at the Philadelphia Free Public Library. Even though it had been on my "currently reading" list, I hadn't actually picked it up to read until a few days ago. I'm sorry I waited this long.

Ms. Weiner doesn't disappoint and I am continually impressed how she manages to consistently write excellent books about and for women without resorting to the chick lit cliches. I couldn't predict all the twists and turns the plot took, which was a pleasant and welcome surprise. It was a bit hard to adjust to the two different points of view that alternated after every chapter, especially when they both used "my mother" or something like that. But I think that also helped to show how similar they are, whether they want to recognize it or not.

Just a fantastic book and I can't wait for her next one!

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