November 27, 2008 The Masque of the Black Tulip by Lauren Willig
Spurred by my new library card and a late night talk with my dear friend Katie, I decided to grab the next three "Pink Carnation" books out of the local library and get reading; there's a new novel in the series due out in January 2009 and I feared that if I didn't get started reading the preceding books, I may never catch up.

As Katie had warned me, it does start out rather slow, but the last half to third of the book is just fantastic and I was loathe to put it down. I was totally swept up in the romances of Henrietta and Miles as well as the continuing slow burn between narrator Eloise and her "keeper of the archives," Colin. I was actually a little disappointed that there wasn't more of the Eloise/Colin storyline in this book since the romance between Hen and Miles was a bit obvious from the start.

I'm excited to start the next book this evening and hopefully finish the published books in this series before the holiday weekend is up!

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Good job, speed reader ;-) Glad you're enjoying them!

By Blogger Katie, at 6:45 PM  

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