January 29, 2009 The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman
I moved this book up on my TBR list after a generous Bookcrosser offered me a copy of Sarah Vowell's new book and I saw that she had wished for THIS one. It will be going out to her in the mail tomorrow. The perks of having a job where I go to the post office every day.

This was an easy read, in that you could skim and skip as you wish because none of it really matters. There's no plot to follow or anything to really "know" as you go from ramble to ramble. It did teach me that there's a reason why John Hodgman's segments on The Daily Show are only about 3 minutes. Two hundred plus pages of Hodgman is a lot to take in two sittings. I guess it's kinda like America: The Book - not really meant to be read as a book.

I skimmed a lot of things as I read - mostly the highly detailed tables of information. Probably hilarious, but I just don't like tables in my books. I did LOVE his section on touring the Mall of America. Made me crave fried food on a stick!

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