January 06, 2009 Going Home by Harriet Evans
My first book of the new year was recommended by my good friend, Katie. That plus a blurb from Sophie Kinsella on the cover meant this was pretty much going to be a home run with me.

It felt like several books put together, which was an interesting way to be introduced to this author, but I felt like perhaps it went on too long. Every time I felt like things were wrapping up, I'd realize I still had over 200 or 100 pages to go and there would have to be another wrench in things before the book would end. Like with Always a Bridesmaid, I got tripped up with some of the British colloquialisms and slang, which was a bit frustrating again. I guess they must clean up Sophie Kinsella's stuff for American readers because I don't notice it as much in her books.

I was a little annoyed by the ending, that it hadn't really been earned and somethings were left up in the air that shouldn't be. I mean, it was romantic and all, but I sorta wished it would have gone differently.

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See, I liked it precisely because it did ramble on like that :-) I felt like it helped to develop the characters a lot more to make them believable, as well as to make the ending more satisfying. But that's just me... Glad you tried it, though, even if it wasn't precisely your cup of tea. You might like her 2nd novel, which I found better than her 1st (also it ties things up a bit better and is somewhat shorter).

By Blogger Katie, at 8:51 PM  

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