January 08, 2009 The Soloman Sisters Wise Up by Melissa Senate
I LOVED See Jane Date as a movie first and then as the book, so I grabbed everything by Melissa Senate at the library last week. This is my first foray back into her fabulous writing since then.

Three women, at various life stages, who happened to be sisters, all end living in the same room, dealing with their issues and trying to figure out life. Doesn't sounds like much, but I absolutely loved it. The female characters were strong without being overbearing - and when they were, they got called out about it. Nothing felt contrived and the drama wasn't manufactured. Each chapter was from a different sister's point of view (first Sarah, then Ally, then Zoe, repeat), but it wasn't jarring to have the switch and everything flowed very well.

Chick lit cliches abound, but there's so much other really good, meaty stuff that you really don't even notice it after the beginning. The epilogue did feel a little tacked on and the "happy ending" for one of the girls didn't feel completely earned, but at the same time, sometimes things just happen, so who am I to question?

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