January 13, 2009 Starting from Square Two by Caren Lissner
This book had been on my list for such a long time. I'm not sure how I came across it, but when I found it at the library a couple weeks ago, I grabbed it.

It wasn't a typical chick lit book because the main character is a 29-year-old widow. Her husband of 3 years died in a car accident 4 days before September 11th (which also figures more prominently than I would have guessed). Her two friends are a bit more unstable than you usually see in these books - and while she eventually explains it, I spent a long time wondering why the hell Gert spent any time with them.

There was some uncertainty, but most of the plot was pretty straight-forward. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I think that's kinda the theme - that's how Gert spends her whole life these days. The ending was kinda open-ended, but I liked that. Maybe I should give that P.S. I Love You book a try after all.

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Maybe you read about this when I read it the year before last :-) It was an enjoyable book - very sharp writing, as I recall. Have you read her other book Carrie Pilby? I'm still not sure what I think of it. Would be interested to hear if you classify these as chick lit. Also, can give a high recommend to P.S. I Love You, which is a lovely book, I think Cecelia Ahern's best.

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