January 20, 2009 Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? by Melissa Senate
This was a super quick read. It picks up about two years after See Jane Date, but focuses on one of Jane Gregg's BFFs. Of course, I didn't remember her name was Eloise, so it took me a chapter or two to figure it out. And Eloise's boss is the boss from The Soloman Sisters Wise Up, so that was nice too.

There were a lot of conflicts swirling and some of them seemed more easily solvable than they were made out to be. I saw the last twist coming from about the fourth chapter, making that pay off seem rather lame. I was also a little disappointed that one of the major problems seemed to just fade away because it seemed to be SO important and then it just...wasn't.

Overall, it was a great, quick read and it was nice to catch up to the SJD characters again from another perspective. I'll definitely continue to seek out Melissa Senate's work.

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