February 23, 2009 Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer
I really liked this book. Even though I've never been the "fat girl," it spoke to me because of Maggie's insecurities and "blue buckets." I have at least one friend that should definitely read this book, but unfortunately, I have no way to recommend it to her without her taking offense.

It was hard for me to understand why Maggie puts up with Olivia's constant, brazen Bridezilla behavior for much of the book. But I have a feeling that I am that doormat for some people and it must be hard for people on the outside to watch me put my feelings aside to assuage theirs. It was nice to see Maggie have such a supportive family unit, though, sticking up for her when she needed it and encouraging her to step outside the tiny box she had crammed herself into.

I really liked how Maggie finally understood that it was *her* and not the man that would make the change. Even if it was manufactured, I felt a bit empowered.

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