February 10, 2009 Slightly Engaged by Wendy Markham
I wanted to like this book. I mean, the last one wasn't so bad, even if it was a little unrealistic.

But all of Tracey's annoying insecurities were not only back in this book, they brought friends. The entire plot of the book was "Is Jack going to propose? Why isn't he proposing? Shouldn't he have proposed at x time?" Seriously. There are tiny subplots about other aspects of her life, but it's all about the fact that she's not sure if her live-in boyfriend is going to propose. And instead of being an adult and discussing where their relationship is heading, she spends a ridiculous amount of time, talking about it to EVERYone else and overanalyzing anything her boyfriend says/does. Seriously, there's a moment when they are at his mother's house and he squats down to find the remote on the floor and her heart jumps in her chest because she thinks he's proposing. Then she spends the next five pages depressed because he didn't pop the question.

Seriously, if I ever act like that, smack me HARD across the face. I'm so done with this series. I can't imagine how self-absorbed and annoying she'll be planning the wedding.

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