February 28, 2009 Turning Thirty by Mike Gayle
I grabbed this one from the library randomly a few weeks ago because the title caught my eye. I'm on the downward slide toward 30 myself and thought it might be interesting to read about someone else's journey. It was only after I got home that I realized the author was male. I have nothing against male authors, though my non-academic success rate with liking their books is low.

I left it till last of the books I picked up that day, putting off the inevitable as it were. Except I found the book totally delightful. The main character, though also male, is totally relateable and easy to listen to. In fact, if you just took out the name, half the time I don't think you could distinguish him from many of the female protagonists I read about. I could really understand a lot of the emotions and thoughts that Matt has as he approaches his thirtieth birthday. There does seem to be some mystique about adulthood that is universal.

It was also interesting to see how his schoolmates had changed in the 10-15 years since he had last seen them. As I approached my high school reunion, I think it will be cool to see who has done what with their lives and who has changed. I believe we all have, even if we can't recognize it in ourselves.

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