April 25, 2009 Speechless by Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout
When I first picked up this book and it said the main character was a political speechwriter, I thought it was going to be a chick lit book set in DC (a natural assumption when you're from there). But it turns out it was about Canadian politics. I don't think I've ever read Canadian chick lit before, so that was a treat.

I didn't feel any tone or character shifts, which was pretty great considering there are two authors. But some of the plot wasn't well-developed and there were times when it was hard to tell if the book was trying to be a heroine overcomes overbearing boss type book or heroine can't find love book. It was also REALLY unclear why the heroine gave up on the first guy and started crushing on the second guy, since there was nothing really described/mentioned/illustrated that the second guy was even likable, much less crush-worthy.

I won't go out of my way to pick another book by these two, but it wasn't a bad read either.

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