April 18, 2009 Wedding Season by Darcy Cosper
The premise is a bit hard to believe - the main character has to attend 17 weddings in six months - but at first, I was willing to suspend my disbelief. I mean, just because I haven't attended 17 weddings yet in my life even though I'm in my prime "marrying" years doesn't mean that there aren't people who know SO many people that it's possible for that to happen.

But beyond the normal chick lit cliches of gal pals with weekly girls' nights at a local bar and divorced parents who act like the children they've raised, there's an underlying storyline about what marriage means, who defines it and what does it matter that's actually pretty interesting. But it seems to be handled clumsily and there are major personality/character changes that aren't really explained. I finished the book because I started it, but I wasn't really intrigued by it. Not the fun, silly book about weddings that I was expecting for sure.

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