May 02, 2009 The Sex Was Great, But... by Tyne O'Connell
I thought this would be a fun little romp in the Hollywood Hills and it was. Sorta.

But I couldn't get past the main character. She's supposedly a super famous A-list celebrity, but she hosts a makeover show for washed up celebs that then throws those celebs back into the spotlight again. The mom issues seem a little bit like Jennifer Aniston and her mom, but the hosting thing just does not jive with the A-list thing. The book was written and published while I lived in LA, so I know the climate in which it was created. I mean, I know it's fiction, but even today, people who HOST shows just are NOT consider A-list celebs. And there's a big to-do about a poll where women think Holly is shallow. But there's nothing that points to why women think that. I mean, I guess we're supposed to infer that because she lives in the Hills and has a house staff (of only 2 BTW) and a few assistants, that she IS shallow, but that's just how people live there.

The book was also written about the entertainment industry, but it was written like someone who has no idea what really goes on, how things work or what's involved in making a show. But since it's written in first person, it would seem like there would be much more detail, inside baseball and the like. But there's just not. Combined with the lack of anything interesting actually happening, it was disappointing. Perhaps if I had never lived and worked in LA, then it would have been fine, but I was totally underwhelmed by the whole thing.

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