August 22, 2009 A Hollywood Ending by Robyn Sisman
I get the feeling that Ms. Sisman doesn't like Americans. Or maybe all Brits hate Americans and I just never noticed it before. I've also learned that I need to stop reading books about the entertainment industry because I find myself bored by the stereotypes, endless explanations of what I feel are simple concepts/equipment/etc and unrealistic situations. Also book covers lie - the story outlined on the back cover doesn't actually start until the middle of the book.

The first two books I read by Ms. Sisman were fun romps in Europe with silly but relateable heroines. Not so much with the last few books of hers I've read, including this one. A self-absorbed actress who is sold on the LA lifestyle trying to do Shakespeare? Not exactly original. I did like some of the supporting characters and hoped that we'd get to see more of her interaction at the theatre or more of the changes that occurred to make the last few pages make sense. I guess you can't get everything you want, unless you're a famous Hollywood actress. Gee, I think I already knew that.

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