December 21, 2010 Jumpstarting 2011
Well, this has been the worst year for reading since I started keeping track five years ago. I could blame a lot of things, but really, it's just me being too lazy to spend time reading books. During my lunch breaks, once the weather got cold, I started watching shows on Netflix Watch Instantly rather than reading and sometimes I didn't get a lunch break at all.

So, I've had No Constitutional Right to be Ladies: Women and the Obligations of Citizenship checked out from the University library for a while and I thought it would nice to actually read it. I brought it with me while I got my pedi this weekend and the book is quite engaging. If I were still planning to write a dissertation, this work would definitely be featured prominently in a chapter!

I doubt I'll finish it in time for it to count for 2010's book count, but I'm happy to get a head start on 2011!


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